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The Lightning Experience is the next generation of Salesforce and involves an enhanced user experience with a simplified user interface and new features. The Lightning Experience is available with AIM and gives you access to a fresh perspective with personalized dashboards and the latest innovations from Salesforce. Rest assured, you’ll have the same data - just a different way to interact and view it.

Our technical assessment analyzes how your current AIM implementation will work when you move to the Lightning Experience.

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Users' data will remain intact within the Classic or Lightning Experience Interface

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Users can continue to rely on the same functionality as the Classic interface

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Ongoing support will remain in place for systems integrated with Classic or Lightning interfaces 

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Integration with Other Altvia Products

Compatibility with AIM Inbox, Correspond Investor & Market Editions, and ShareSecure

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Innovation Over Time

As Salesforce is focusing its innovation in Lightning, some new AIM features will be built specifically for the Lightning experience

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Lightning Fast

Ease-of-use with a simplified user interface designed for fast navigation, powerful data visualization, and personalization of your user experience

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Key Features of Lightning

The Lightning Experience is the future of Salesforce and AIM. This means that Salesforce and Altvia will focus on developing new features and support for Lightning, rather than Classic. In fact, there are now Salesforce features only available in Lightning Experience.

Here’s a quick list of some of the productivity features available in AIM with the Lightning Experience:

  • Salesforce Kanban boards
  • Visual pipeline path/stage
  • Streamlined data entry
  • In-Line Editing in List Views
  • Duplicate management
  • More visual components
I was exceptionally impressed with the implementation process. The Altvia team was incredibly patient and methodical – took it step by step...I knew the nature of this complex transition as it was not a straightforward migration. I’ve done a number of these over the years and must say this was easily the smoothest – and on schedule.”

Steve Darrington

Partner & CFO, Phoenix Equity Partners


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